Friday, April 07, 2006

On 'immigrants'

I have a door on my house. Originally, the purpose of such doors was to keep the elements, rain, wind, out. In fact, I remember well that, when I was a kid, we didn't even bother to lock our doors when we left the house. (yeah, shocking, isn't it?)

Now, however, we always lock up when we leave our abode. It's necessary because, failing that, we'd be leaving our home open to less scrupulous folks who have the belief that what's mine is theirs, if I don't lock it up.

You might be saying, "What's that got to do with immigrants? They just want a shot at the good life in the USA." First, let's get clear on the word 'immigrant'.

We have laws that determine the nature of immigrancy. We have processes through which prospective immigrants must proceed, lawfully, to arrive in and stay within the USA. Failure to abide by these processes does NOT make you an 'undocumented immigrant', anymore than failure to procure a personal invitation into my home would make you an 'undocumented guest'. The desire of undocumenteds to live better is not exculpatory, anymore so than an 'undocumented guest's' desire to live in my comfy home would be.

Now, back to doors. If my house needs a door to keep out elements, it has a lock on the door for the entirely different reasons. Logically, any nation, like any home, without a lock on its door is a place begging to be pilfered. There's probably 85% of the people in any third-world country that'd dearly love to be in America over where they are presently. Only the lack of proximity limits their MIGRATION. Mexico is the lucky one. Just cross the border and escape from the hellhole THEY've created for themselves and walk into the USA. They've done this in the millions. They can do this because we have no lock on the door.

Suppose you and I were each building a car. We both put our efforts into it and, at the end, I have a running vehicle, but, yours is just an abject failure, won't run. A smart person might examine what I did right and emulate it, to make their own car. Instead, what we are seeing today is the demand, the RIGHT, for you to ride in my car, because, after all, we both want to go places.

So, maybe I'll give you a ride. Just keep in mind that it's my car and I make the rules. You don't get to drive, or tell me what speed to travel at, or what route to take. You're here by my sufferance, not because you have a right to go places. Likewise, you don't secure those privileges
just because you hid in my trunk or hid behind the seat. It's still my car and you didn't even ask for permission to ride.

We still use some doors in the USA. Did you know that half the criminals in jail in California are illegal 'immigrants'? I'm betting there are locks on THOSE doors.


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