Sunday, February 05, 2006

Europe gets mugged... by a cartoon

It's often said that a liberal is a conservative that has never been mugged. If there's any truth to this, then, Europe is presently learning the lesson of conservatism.

The recent publication in a Danish paper of cartoons depicting Mohammed has resulted in protests that have avalanched into embassies burning and cries for the murder of any westerner within reach. The French can claim a fair share of credit/blame for it because a French paper re-printed the cartoons, followed by papers in numerous other Euro countries. The effect has been the enraging of the Middle East against this show of European solidarity for Denmark's cartoonists.

For a long time Europe rested comfortably under the laurel of multiculturalism, secure in the belief that their tolerance of radicalism would co-opt the radicals of Islam. Belatedly, they have learned that they are in a war of ideas and that Europe was getting whiplashed by dutifully turning the other cheek. Indeed, they had not enough cheeks to turn to appease their abusers.
Europe is finding that they cannot enact laws fast enough or wide enough to satisfy those whose ultimate desire is Sharia law without depriving themselves of the body of laws which permitted Europe to flourish.

Many Europeans are now asking themselves why they'd been so blind, or lead so blindly. Must be a real shock to them to have found the 'root causes' they so wished America would seek in response to 9-11 are, in fact, in Europe. All we can say is, "Welcome to the real world'.


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