Saturday, February 12, 2005

Exit Jordan, enter.....???

Eason Jordan has resigned. A lot of credit is due to the blogosphere, at least the non-radical part of it, for their sisyphean effort. I'm not denigrating their effort by describing it so for Eason Jordan was just one head lopped from a hydra, certain to be replaced soon by yet another, similar, head. Just as Dan Rather will be replaced by a partisan liberal whose purpose is to keep Republicans out of office and promote European socialism, so will Eason Jordan be followed by a sibling from the incestuous liberal news family.

The pool from which their replacements will be drawn is, you must admit, limited to like-minded fellows. It's as though a bullpen consisted only of southpaws. No matter what pitch they throw, it always comes from the left. In order to balance their roster they'd have to hire outside their organization. I don't expect to see that happen.

I saw a movie in which a prisoner escapes only after chipping away with a tiny hammer through his wall, breaking into a sewer and crawling through 500 yards, or so, of filth before he got to daylight and freedom. That's pretty much what the blogosphere just did. Now, let's see if the evil warden gets taken down.


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