Thursday, January 27, 2005

Why I'm a Liberal.....

Man, this is depressing. I just realized I'm a Liberal. Not a Progressive, just a Liberal.

For instance, if a question comes up on the gender of the person stroking someone's genitalia, I just say, " Not my business, what's his politics?". Thus, I'm a Liberal.

When a public person gains cachet BECAUSE the gender of the person stroking his genitalia is identical, that's Progressive. And, If I said, "Don't' knock it if you haven't tried it", that'd mean I'm gay....which I'm not! Not that there's anything wrong with that! (Seinfeld, anyone?)

There's more~!

I know I'm a Liberal because I care about other people. For instance, if one person feeds another person into a wood chipper, I think that's bad. But, that, alone, doesn't make me a Liberal, that just makes me Progressive. I'm a Liberal because I want something done to stop it. Which is a very un-Progressive attitude. 'Contumely,yes!, Confrontation, No!' just seems a lame response to people being turned into ground burger.

I know I'm a Liberal because I believe that, even though they may have no experience of it, I think people want to be free. Even people who live under bloody rulers that can sweep them up in the night, take them off and torture them, chop off the odd hand now and then, or toss them off of tall buildings. I really believe that, somewhere in his depths, that person is saying to himself, "I wish this didn't keep happening to me". Which is where I differ with Progressives, who think that such a person would MUCH prefer those things over, say, ending them by the aid of some (ugh) foreigner.

Just as an aside, there's a saying that goes, 'No good deed goes unpunished'. That's a Scottish saying, so, I'm beginning work on the theory that all Progressives are Scotsmen. It's just a theory.

I know I'm a Liberal because, after the tsunami hit, I wanted those poor victims to get help, fast. Fortunately, they did receive that help. I'm not a Progressive because I didn't want to wait for the UN to deliver that aid. Which they will. Sometime in the near future. As soon as the 'UN Committee to Discern the Findings of all the Previous Committees concerning the Potential for Ending Committees and Actually doing Things' publishes its findings.

I know I'm a Liberal because I think aborting babies is probably a bad thing psychologically for the mother, and, almost certainly, detrimental to the baby. I can't be a Progressive because I don't believe that executing adults is evil but executing babies is ok.

I know I'm a Liberal because I believed, all along, that the latest terrorists were attacking western freedom and democracy. Of course, it also helps now that Zarqawi has said publicly that he is, indeed, fighting against democracy and the evil people who believe in it. I'm not a Progressive because I can't pretend he didn't really mean it.

So, sad to say, my mind is in turmoil. I've become what I once ridiculed... a Liberal. I know these are all Liberal sentiments because I grew up a Liberal. I only THOUGHT I'd become a Conservative because all those old Liberal sentiments were cast aside by Progressives. Not my fault the Conservatives picked them up off the ground. I guess that's ok with Progressives, they weren't using them anymore.


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