Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Broken to the plow....

I've been readin a lot of stories, lately, about crime in the UK. Specifically, home break-ins, burglaries. In the US, around 14% of burglaries occur when the home is occupied. In the UK, that number is over 50%.

When I read such things, I always feel myself in the other guy's shoes. Family is threatened, what's one to do? In the UK, next to nothing. In fact, if you defend your home forcefully, it's likely the burglar will sue you and the government will prosecute you.

Conversely, in the US, if you touch a burglar up with a piece of hardware, your worst case scenario is if the piece isn't licensed. For that you'd be prosecuted, not for shooting the burglar.

Self-defense is an individual thing. That's you protecting what is yours, self, family, possessions, against someone has no compunction about taking what is not his, or harming those who'd prevent him from doing so. If a cop arrives on the scene in time, that's society acting. Until one does, the individual must decide his actions.

In the UK, there's a broad movement to eliminate the individual. Indeed, that's happening over much of Europe. It's working, too. I read a story on German demographics, which are falling, in which a woman said she couldn't have more children because the government didn't pay enough in benefits. That woman is broken to the plow. She's surrendered one of the most important decisions in her life to the caprice of a government official. In the US, a woman would look for a better bread-winner. In Germany, they just don't have kids.

Back in the UK, there was a notorious burglary in which the home owner killed one burglar and crippled the other. He'd been burglarized repeatedly. He'd gone to extremes to make his home burglar proof, yet, they still came back. In a rarity in the UK, he was armed, so, he used a shotgun on them. And, he went to jail. With an 8 year sentence. He was refused early parole because he'd shown no remorse or regret.

Recently, a wealthy man and his wife were attacked in broad daylight. In their home. He died at the door. She, though stabbed repeatedly, survived. This was a well protected home, all the latest. Now, the government is advising its threatened citizens to protect themselves by hiding better or in a less accessible room. Failing that, they are advised to be non-confrontational. Had this citizen fought back better, there'd be at least one perp in jail today...himself.

It's sad to note that the English and Euro governments have done what the Luftwaffe and the Wehrmacht could not.... break proud peoples to the plow.


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