Saturday, January 22, 2005

And, what beats three-of-a-kind, again?

For the last year, or so, I've been enjoying watching Pro Poker on television. That's the Texas Hold'em version, not blackjack or whatever. The hook is that you, the audience, can see what cards the player is holding. It's truly interesting to watch these pros bluff and counter-bluff, try to read their opponent, and, finally, put it all on the line by going 'All In'. It's all very interesting,yet, I'm seeing CELEBRITY poker on tv.

What? There wasn't enough face time in their last movie/sitcom? Now they have to invade Las Vegas, too? One reason that PRO poker players are interesting to watch is that they have something on the line. Their money, their reputations. When they play, they do so with earnest and their faces, winning and losing, reveal them.

On the other hand, if William Shatner or some other 'B' grade actor drops his/her wad on the table, or wins the whole thing it means nothing to them. They are 'acting', you see. It's just another gig for them. Worse, they are poor players. A short while back, it was cachet in Hollywood to adopt babies. Now the in thing is to pretend that one is a clever card player. Gotta blame it all on that movie, 'Rounders'.


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